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Thank you for your interest in Airport Mollis LSMF.

Please find below all general information:


Aircraft below 2.5 tons: The airfield Mollis is closed for not local flying pilots and aircrafts below 2.5 tons. Exempted from this rule are flights handled by a pilot sited in Mollis (handling agent) or accompanied on board the aircraft (familiar flights). If this is not the case please do not send a request.

Aircraft more than 2.5 tons: Handling mandatory. Please send handling request to: linthairservice@bluewin.ch.


PPR: Prior Persmision required (PPR) 24 hours in advance on weekdays and latest on Fridays at 17:00 LT for weekends.

AirportPilot's information: Please note that Airport Mollis is a VFR-Airport. Call airport frequency on 134.825 MHz. The runway length is 5900 ft. No lights available.


Opening hours:

Monday-Saturday SR-SS; closed during lunch time 12.00-13.00 LT

Sunday 11.00 LT- SS; closed during lunch time 12.00-13.00 LT


Airport charts:

Landing chart

Runway chart

Heli Anflugrouten

Heli landing spots



Cross-border direct flights are possible for persons not requiring any visa and without dutiable goods. Please fill out the customs form below and follow the procedure for activation.

Flights within Schengen-Countries have to be announced 1 working day before flight.

For flights to/from Non-Schengen-Countries a special permission is required. Please send the customs forms 3 working days in advance.


Fire Category: No Fire Category. Upgrades to Fire Cat 3 can be requested.


Fuel: JET A-1 and Avgas available.


Payment: Cash only - no credit cards


Contact for all services:


Phone +41 55 645 33 33
Fax +41 55 645 33 32
Email: linthairservice@bluewin.ch